8th International Conference on Genomics

George Church from Harvard medical school was one of the top speakersI had an opportunity to attend the 8th international conference on genomics held at the Vanke international conference center in Shenzhen, China. This was one of the best experiences of my professional career. Particularly, I was quite excited to be a participant at a conference of such stature. The conference was very informative; I acquired a lot of experience that is useful in my field of study. In addition to that, it gave me a rare opportunity to meet experienced professionals in the field of genomics. 

The conference aims to bring the best minds in this field form the scientific community. Business leaders in the bioenergy, biomaterials and seed industry get an opportunity to hold serious discussions with scientists. A range of issues were discussed including regulatory issues, the latest innovation and partnerships between governments and the private sector for scientific advancement. 

The 8th genomics conference gave the participants a rare opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the genomics technology. It was an opportunity to discuss and analyze successful business models that are driving the industry and new scientific developments. I want to thank the generous sponsors like Nature, PNAS and  ScienceMag which made this conference possible.

Summary of the oral presentations

Presentations started in earnest on the second day of the conference. I found the first session on cancer research to be particularly useful. The key to cancer research could one day develop a full understanding on how to develop an effective cure for cancer with ongoing research. It is also hoped that it could end the blight that has inflicted so much suffering on human society worldwide. The conference was also a good opportunity for both junior and senior speakers from a range of fields including health to find a common approach to solving issues. In total, the sessions were seventeen over the course of three days. All were incredibly informative; I had an opportunity to attend one of the workshops that was about Human Genomic Data and Society. This data can enable us map entire migration routes on societies. It can also enable us to finally have a better understanding of hereditary diseases and how the spread and how to contain them. 

My presentation

There was only one poster presentation session, which was on the second day of the conference. I used the opportunity to make a presentation that I hope will have a positive impact on this particular field and hopefully assist in provide solutions to real world problems did an excellent poster presentation on basic and applied genomics. My research was well received. Moreover, I had an opportunity to hold one on one discussions with fellow experts in this field. I got some very useful insights that I believe have helped shape the course of my research. 

Best Poster presentation

The best poster award went to Aiping Wu and deservedly so, his presentation on Sequential Reassortments Underlie Diverse Influenza H7N9 Genotypes in China. This was quite an eye opening and informative.


I strongly recommend participating in the international conference on genomics. I will do the best I can to make sure I attend another one. Choosing China was an excellent idea. This is because China is recording a fast growth rate and for the near future, any partnerships with the Chinese government and other institutions could be an important step towards expanding genomics research. I would like to thank the organizers and participants for making the conference such a success.