Couponing for fun or a way of life?

Couponing can be an experience or it can be a way of life. It’s really up to the consumer to make it work for or against their wallets. Covered here is information on how to get a basic handle on couponing. From the grocery store, to online couponing, to organizing and even extreme couponing, because truth is if you get really good at it, you can actually walk out of the store without spending an actual red cent, believe it or not.

First things first, let’s cover ways of getting coupons. Without moving an inch, you can sign up on any number of web sites that will put you on a list and give you coupons on a daily basis. All you have to do is print them out. Another basic way in finding coupons for the grocery store is buying several copies of the Sunday paper, which is the norm with serious couponers. You can also photocopy some coupons in order to have extra or share, some well-known stores do not have a problem with that. Saving your receipts, for the coupon on the back, weather you can use it or not, it will come in handy. Starting a coupon exchange with friends is something my sister has done as well as hosting a coupon party, I hear they are quite fun and informative on who is doing what, or where you can stack your coupons this week, and how many extra rolls of free toilet paper you can get saved in your garage. This article from New York Times explains these in more detail.

You can really start to save money with discount promos by what they call stacking. What this means is you find out if the store is having a sale. Usually local stores will send out fliers on what they are putting up for sale, or when you walk into a grocery store there will be a flier or pamphlet telling you what is for sale. Let’s say $2.50 box of macaroni has- take one dollar off at the register. Now you have a coupon for 50 cents off, and you have a manufacturing coupon which comes out in the newspaper you clipped. You go to the register and present your coupons, make sure they put in their store deals and guess what? You just got your box of macaroni for free. Now picture that on a larger scale, sales add up.

Moving on, a fine way to stalk pile coupons it to use a filing system. Take a three ring binder, get a few plastic see through protectors and file by item, store location, time sensitive, etc. Another way to use promos for a frugal life style is to use online bargains. When you arrive at the checkout page and see “type a coupon code” all you really have to do is go to your preferred search engine, type in discount coupon for whatever it is you are buying or whoever you are buying from and a list of discount codes will pop up. You may have to try a few sights at times, but you can get anything that works from free shipping on your product to 25% off your entire order, to a free scarf and mittens included.

Matching coupons with sales and promotions is another key way to use bargains. This really is the best way to using your coupons. You can save a lot of money this way. Sometimes you have to clip and then wait. Having the patience for the store to put something on sale that you have an offer for, or waiting for a mobile app coupon to come out. Using your promos as is, is ok, but you can do better if you match them.

One another note if your garage ever gets full from overstock you can always gift things away or even do I dare say it a garage sale. But I do think the best tips in your couponing endeavors is to stay organized, be open to trying new products to get deals and a good pair of scissors. So if you’re in it pour yourself a cup of Sunday coffee and get clipping for a 30 cents to a $30 saving. It’s all doable and it can actually be fun.